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Athlete Profile – Darren Scott



Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi, My name is Darren Scott. I have been working as a freelance personal trainer for 12 years and also as a fitness trainer at the Heath Leisure Suite in Runcorn for the last 2 years. This is where I do my weight training. My client’s like the fact I practice what I preach and set a good example.

What is your pre championship routine?

Things I like to do before championships include, getting my hair cut a week before and getting myself a brand new pair of trainers 6 weeks in advance. For me these can only be New Balance as these are my favourite trainers to wear.

What is your nutrition plan?

Truthfully I Don’t have a nutrition plan as such, just eat things in moderation. I admit I do like a takeaway once a week and I very rarely drink alcohol, unless celebrating a world record. Again I don’t really take many supplements, just the occasional creatine powder and a good vitamin tablet.

How do you deal with pressure as an Athlete?

The experience of being in many finals and having a lot of self belief is how I deal with pressure, training is what gives me great confidence.

How hard do you train?

My training starts off with 4 weeks conditioning work, then after that I do 2 gym sessions and alongside this in my track sessions, I do one endurance, one speed endurance and one pure speed session. Every 4 weeks I do a time trail run just to see where I am at and usually it is a 250m run. Other things I implemented in my training are plyometrics, bar walks and band work. I feel it is always vital to have a plan B in place for days I struggle with the session or am feeling tired, as I listen to my body.

What have you done to improve on your running style?

Two different things I did in training, firstly I teamed up with a new training partner that was as quick as me, for 60m and that made me work even harder in certain training sessions. Secondly I switched back to using the 45 degree leg press, which had been missing from my training when I broke the m40 200m indoor record in 2010

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